Western Union

What is Western Union?

Western Union is an international service, which handles sending and receiving cash of 200 countries over the world effectively, reliably and fast with over 335 000 branches.

It is possible to transfer money from all the branches. Countries, as France, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, USA, Great Britain, Sweden are able to send money online via credit card or debit card, as well.

Western Union Website

How does Western Union work?

Online transfer of money via Western Union

Online transfer is available only for some countries. By the online transfer, it is necessery to own a credit card or a debit card (VISA, MasterCard). After completing of all the needed data, the transfer has to be confirmed via telephone as well. The number will authomatically appear on the screen. The service is available non-stop.

Sending money via Wester Union branch

If you want to send money via one of the branches Western Union, you will have to fill in the form of „Sending money“, where you have to enter information about beneficiary, sender and the amount, you would like to send. When you hand over the form, you will have to prove your identity with valid ID card with photo.

The staff of the branch will send you then the copy with control number of the transfer (MTCN), with its help you can verify the transaction via telephone or online.

Receiving money

Recipient may withdraw money from one of the branches after few minutes after the sending. Recipient has to prove his identity by valid ID card or passport.

How can I find place, which is supported by Western Union?

You can find at www.westernunion.com in section „ Find a location“ places, where it is possible to use this service.

Fees at Western Union

The fees for online transfers are from 14% to 18% of the paid amount. Fees by sending of money via branch are set by Western Union. Fees are always paid by the owner.

Transferred limits at Western Union

You can send money from the Western Union branch also over the 7 500 USD, but there are several safety rules by such an amount of money. The maximum amount of money by online transfer is from 500 to 1 000 USD.

Western Union Security

Western Union encodes confidential data by SSL technology. Acces to data is very restricted.

Western Union Support

If you have any questions you can contact them via telephone or via e-mail form.

About Western Union

Western Union Financial Services, Inc. is an independent company, which is registered at New york exchange. The headquarters is in California and the corporate headquarters are in Hongkong, Florida and Austria.

Headquarters of the company

P.O.Box 6992
Greenwood Village
CO 80155-6992
Tel: + 1-720-332-1000

European headquarters

Western Union Services GmbH
Schubertring 11
A-1010 Wien

Headquarters for online transactions

Westrenunion.at Internet
P.O.Box 502
Killorglin, Co Kerry

Visit WesternUnion.com

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