VISA Electron Debit Card

What is VISA Electron?

VISA Electron is a debit card, which is attributed to available account balance (there is some credit provided for the user of the VISA credit card). VISA Electron enables cashless payment at the terminals and ATM withdrawals as well.

Paying via VISA Electron

Each contractor of VISA Electron deducts the amount electronically via a payment terminal, and the authorization of the payment is realized by entering the PIN code or by the signature of the owner.

It is not possible to exceed the limit at the VISA Electron Debit Card, because the bank verifies each transaction.

Recharge of the VISA Electron

Recharging of the VISA Electron is possible to realize by the direct deposit of cash or by the transfer from the bookmaker. You can find the account number and the bank code at the back of the prepaid VISA Electron card.

Fees and Withdrawal Limits at VISA Electron

Please get the information about the fees and limits at your bank. VISA Electron charges for each recharge of the card cca 1.5% of the recharged amount and by the cashless withdrawal is the charge cca 0.30 EUR. There are charges by the shopping outside the EU and at the international withdrawals of 1-1.5% as well. Limits may vary, therefore please inform yourself at your bank. Standard limits are of 2000 EUR and cash withdrawals are 700 EUR/day.

Safety by the VISA Electron

In this case the limit is not imposed directly on the VISA Electron prepaid card, but at the account, what means that if you block your account in the case of losing it , your account will not be robbed. Except this, the VISA corporation introduced „Verified by VISA“, what means it verifies the identity of the owner.

VISA Electron CVV2 Code

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