VISA Debit Debit Card

What is VISA Debit/VISA Delta?

The VISA Delta debit card has been called the VISA Debit since 2004 and some countries have started to use the name V PAY (improved version).

You may get the VISA Debit card in every bank, which has concluded the publishing license with the VISA. Some banks give the licenses for free by the account opening (for example in Germany or in Switzerland you will get only debit cards V PAY by the account opening).

Paying via VISA Debit

Paying via VISA Debit by the online transactions is very simple. You will enter the information about the card into the cash field and confirm it by the PIN code. The transfer should be realised immediately, max. within 48 hours.

Fees and Limits at VISA Debit

Transactions, which are realised via VISA Debit are free of charge But if you withdraw money from cash dispenser abroad, the bank may charge fees for the currency differences. Limits are based on the agreement between the bank and the client.

Safety by the VISA Debit

VISA uses PIN codes for the safety by the online payments and except this it uses the CVV code as well, which is at the back side of the debit card.

VISA Debit CVV2 Code

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