VISA Credit Card

What is VISA?

VISA Credit Card is a mean of payment in ordinary business communication or by online payments as well. It has more than 24 milion partners in more than 170 countries. The VISA Europe corporation operates in the European market. VISA Inc. is listed in New York market. VISA Cards are being issued by the banks.

Types of the VISA Credit Cards:

  • VISA Classic
  • VISA Gold
  • VISA Platinum
  • VISA Mini (Australia)
  • VISA Smarta (Australia, New Zealand)

Paying by VISA Credit Card

By online payments it is necessary to enter into the appropriate spaces these information about the Credit Card: number of the Credit Card, due date, owner´s name, verification code (CVC) and the amount, of course. CVC code consists of 3 last digit of the Credit CArd on its back. The payment is realized immediately.

In case of withdrawing money, for example from online companies, just enter the needed information about your Credit Card for the transaction. You will get the money much faster than by sending them via bank transfer.

Transfers to the online companies

For smooth transfers it is essential to have embossed credit card. By the transfers you have to enter: name of the credit card´s owner, number of the credit card, card validity and CVC code( the last 3 digit at the back of the VISA Card). Before withdrawing money, some online companies may request verification of the VISA Credit Card (by sending the copy of the Credit Card). Therefore do not forget to hide your CVC code and few characters of the numbers as well against the misusing of the credit card.

VISA Credit Card Fees

The fees are individual, because each bank determines the fees itself. There are service charges for each transaction, which are approximately 1% from the transfered amount. There may be fees for blocking the card or for ATM withdrawal.

VISA Electron CVV2 Code

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