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The rating of the bookmakers is very complicated matter. To be objective, it is necessary to rate the bookmakers from many aspects (the speed of the withdrawals, quality of the odds, customer service, limites, safety and above all the behaviour of the bookmakers towards the clients, especially by therating of the bets, etc..). Practically, it is very unrealistic matter, which enormously depends on rating from the other users. Not every user will share with the experiences and every user has different requirements and opinions about the quality of the services provided by the bookmakers. We can say, that is always about the subjective matter. That is why, we have decided to rate the bookmakers according to our own experiences, users´ experiences (including those of professional players) and we offer the possibility to express your own sympathy about the bookmakers and to rate them as well.

In general, we can consider as the best bookmakers the Pinnacle Sports, 188Bet, The Greek Sportsbook or the Betting Exchange Betfair. Those are the most essential bookmakers, which are used by every professional player. We can add here Centrebet, Ladbrokes, Unibet, Bookmaker.com or BetCRIS.

Rating of the Bookmakers


  • The BookmakersExplorer.com website does not include every bookmaker, which was formed in the tax paradise. Some tax paradises as Malta or Costa Rica are regulated as the weakest from all the licenses. Therefore we choose only those bookmakers, which are building systematically their position on the market.
  • You will not find only the best online bookmakers at BookmakersExplorer.com website, that is why seems the rating to be quite strict. It is important, that the BookmakersExplorer.com does not include the bookmakers from the so called black list. If some bookmakers do not pay the wins to their customers, you will be automatically warned in the bookmaker review.
  • Some professinonal players have participated on the rating of the bookmakers. Here we met several different opinions and therefore was the rating very difficult.
  • The rating is one thing, but the popularity, or the website traffic of all the bookmakers is something else. That is why you can find also the most popular bookmakers with very low rating at BookmakersExplorer.com. It means, that the bookmaker might be financially safe, but very suprising from the matter of betting rating or withdrawal speed.
  • Please note, that the behaviour of American bookmakers is different to European players and American. The differences are especially in the lenght of the withdrawals. They may send money to American players the other day, but players form Europe may wait for three weeks. These differences are manifested mainly at bookmakers with lower ratings.

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