Skrill / Moneybookers eWallet

What is Skrill?

Skrill / Moneybookers eWallet allows sending money from Moneybookers account into any company via e-mail, which supports the Skrill (it is very popular and 95% of all the companies support this service) or people may exchange money among themselves for a small fee (max.0.5 EUR).

Registration in Skrill

There is a free registration at Please enter correct information only! By the registration we recommend to enter the e-mail address, where you have registered all your bookmakers, because the e-mail addresses have to be identical. Sometimes it is possible to change the e-mail on your player´s account immediately, but it can also take much longer.

eWallet Skrill

Please notice:

  • Each person may have only one account at Skrill/ Moneybookers. Establishing an account at Skrill is not hindered, regarding to IP addresses, households, ..
  • Please enter the password, which you have never used before by your registration. It is because of the safety of your money and protection of your personal data! We also recommend to change your password regularly.

Skrill Website

How does the Skrill / Moneybookers work?

As we have already mentioned, Skrill is an eWallet. The only thing you have to do, is to send money into the wallet and subsequently send them to individuals, who have established accounts at Skrill, or to various online companies. You may send money to e-mail addresses as well, where have not been established the Skrill accounts yet. Money is charged to Skrill account with a given e-mail address immediately after establishing of the account. It is necessary to establish an account within 14 days since sending money, otherwise it will return to the sender.

Sending money to Skrill/ Moneybookers

Money is sent via credit cards or money transfer. Services as sofort, POLi and others are also available. These methods are reserved for certain states only.

Sending money from Skrill into online companies

Click the Skrill at the websites of online companies in the deposit section and enter the amount of money, you would like to sent. Then you will be redirected through the secure site at Skrill, where it is neccesary to enter e-mail address and password. The money will be credited to your account right after confirmation. You may sent money to any owner of Skrill account. Just enter the correct e-mail address at the website.

Acceptance of money at Skrill / Moneybookers from online companies

It is possible to withdraw all the money, which you have sent into the online companies via Skrill, only via e-mail address, where you sent the money.(though there exist some exceptions).

Withdrawing money via Skrill / Moneybookers

It is possible to withdraw money via cheque, credit card or via bank transfer. The offer of paying methods is limited in some states (especially states outside the EU).

Are there any Fees at Skrill?

Deposits to the Skrill account:

Credit cards: 1.9 %
Bank transfer: free

Withdrawals from the Skrill / Moneybookers account:

Credit cards: 1.80 EUR
Bank transfer: 1.80 EUR
Cheque: 3.50 EUR

The deposits to the online companies are mostly free. It is necessary to become familiar with concrete conditions of every online company. There is a fee of 0,5 EUR in case of sending money to an individual. More information at in fees section.

Limits at Moneybookers

Limits* vary untill 10 000 EUR. If you are VIP customer, you will not be restricted by any limits. (You are automatically VIP customer by some amount of money or by the number of transactions).

Each customer may varify the status of your limit** in „ My account“ section. It is possible to increase your limit with following methods:

  • Customer may sent from his bank account some randomly chosen amount of money to his Skrill account. (Account number from which was money sent will be compared to the number of account, which was given by the registration – by the match is this account veryfied).
  • There is another method by increasing of the limits via credit cards . Increasing of the limits by this method will be charged of 2 EUR.
  • The verification of the address: Skrill will send you a code by the post. If the customer enters the code by the registration correctly (my account – profile – verification, next to your address), his adress will be accepted and limit increased.

*Your per transaction limit is the maximum amount you can send to another Skrill account in a single transaction.
** This is the maximum amount you can withdraw or send to other Skrill account.

Skrill Support

  • online forms
  • call centrum: International: 44 870 383 0232, Great Britain: 0905 848 0011 (25p/min)
  • fax

What should you know?

The fee for a transfer from one Skrill account to another Skrill account:

1% (max 0,50 EUR)

What exchange rate is used for payments in foreign currency?

Daily rate in the European Central Bank. (a fee of 1,75% from the whole amount is charged as the protection against the risk connected with decreasing the exchange rate).

In what currencies can we establish the Skrill account?


In what languages is Skrill website available?

English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese.

In what languages has the Skrill support?

Skrill / Moneybookers is supported by all the languages in which is the website available.

Your outgoing transaction limit (the maximum amount you can withdraw or send to other Skrill accounts):

21 000.00 EUR / in any 90 day period

The number of customers:

Skrill is used by more than 15 000 000 people all over the world.

Is it possible to get Skrill credit card?

Yes, but it is charged.

Countries which are not accepted:

USA, China, Malaysia, Israel and Turkey

Transfers, which will have not been accepted within 14 days, will return back to the sender.

About Skrill

Moneybookers is controlled by the British and European law and it is controlled by Financial Supervision Authority for Great Britain. Moneybookers is joint stock company. The major shareholders are the Investcorp Technology Partners and Gatcombe Park Ventures Ltd.

Mailing address

Welken House
10-11 Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6EH
United Kingdom

Customer Call Centre

+44 870 383 0232 (Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 18:00 GMT)


UK: 0870 922 3274
USA: 509 271 5556
Germany: 032 211 0899 0014
Netherlands: 020 524 8418
France:01 5301 0809
International: +1 509 271 5556 / +44 870 922 3274


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