MasterCard Credit Card

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the two biggest companies issuing Credit Cards. It grants licenses for realization of the transactions with the Mastercard products for the individuals or companies. Banks are establishing fees and limits differently. Paying by Mastercard Credit Cards is possible in more than 200 countries.

There are these kinds of MasterCard Credit Cards:

  • MasterCard Standard
  • MasterCard Gold
  • MasterCard Platinum
  • MasterCard Word
  • MasterCard World Elite

Paying by MasterCard Credit Card

If you pay by MasterCard Credit Card online, it is necessary to give these information: number of the Credit Card, due date, owner´s name, veryfication code (CVC) and the amount, of course. The CVC code consits of the last three Credit Card numbers on its back. The payment is being accomplished immediately.

In case of withdrawing money from the online companies by MasterCard Credit Card is enough to enter all the information, which are needed for the transaction into the right spaces. By this way you will get the money much faster than by sending them via bank transfer. You may withdraw money via credit card (in online gambling) only if it was established in UK.

Transactions into online companies

It is necessary to enter, name of the credit card owner, number of the credit card, due date and CVC code (consiting of the last three digit of the Credit Card on its back).Before withdrawing money, some online companies may request verification of the MasterCard Credit Card (by sending the copy of the Credit Card). Therefore do not forget to hide your CVC code and few characters of the numbers as well.

Please notice:

  • deposing by MasterCard Credit Card into online companies in America may not be available (although this payment method is stated in reviews).
  • withdrawing money from online companies via MasterCard Credit Card is allowed only by Credit Card established in UK (this is possible only if the online gambling companies have this option of withdrawing.)

MasterCard CVC2 Code

Fees by using MasterCard Credit Card

The fees by using MasterCard are individual, because each bank sets its own fees. There are fees for blocking the card, ATM withdrawals or service charges for transactions.


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