Diners Club Credit Card

What is Diners Club?

The Diners Club was formed in 1949 by the New York businessman. It is possible to get the Diners Card by the Diners Card company itself of by the bank. The owner of the card will recieve a statement of all the transactions once a month.

One of the advantages of Diners Club Cards is the flexible credit limit. The owner of the Diner Club Card has an access into more than 100 airline VIP lounge all over the world.

How does the online paying by the Diners Club Card work?

It is necessary to enter into the appropriate spaces: the number of the credit card, due date, name of the owner, or the 30 digit secure number of the card. Paying by Dinners Club Card is being accomplished immediately.

Additional Fees

Except the fee once a year, there are some other fees as:

  • exposure the the second and the subsequent card (up to 100 EUR)
  • withdrawal from the cash dispenser ( fee of 2.5% from the withdrawing amount + 3 EUR for each transaction)
  • fee of the 4% for a withdrawal in banks
  • fee of 20 EUR for the entrance into the VIP lounge for each person (for the owners of the Business Card)

Diners Club Customer Support

You may find all the needed contacts at www.dinersclubinternational.com

Visit DinersClubinternational.com

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