American Express (AMEX) Credit Card

What is American Express (AMEX)?

American Express Corporation (AMEX) operates in more than 130 states and except the issuing of the Credit Cards, offers financial as well as travel services. American express corporation is listed in New York exchange.

For getting this card, you have to go to one of the banks, which is issuing these cards. Every country has different kinds of cards AMEX, therefore inform yourself at the branch of the bank or go to the website. You may also ask for the card per Internet Banking.

Each AMEX card in cooperation with American Express Services Europe Limited, contains year round travel insurance and assistance services. You have to have the bank account for using the American Express card. The currency is EUR or USD.

How does the Payment by American Express Card work?

The American Express Card contains 15 digit number, which is necessary to enter into the appropriate spaces together with the due date and the owner´s name, or 30 digit secure card number. The payment is being accomplished in real time, almost immediately.

American Express CID Code

American Express Safety

  • UK: UK locally: 0127 369 6933, UK from abroad: +44 (0)12 7369 6933
  • US: US locally: 1-800-528-4800, US from abroad: +1 (336) 393-1111

American Express customer support

You may find all the needed contacts at


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